Chinese New Year 2014 – Twilight Parade – Part 2

At my workplace, there is this reticent Chinese guy who sits across from my seat. Little did I know, or he for that matter, when I joined work there about a year ago… Continue reading

Chinese New year 2014 – Twilight Parade – Part 1

The Chinese Zodiac is a fascinating subject if you are into that kind of thing. Typically, most cultures which have their own Zodiac system bases the zodiac signs on the month of birth… Continue reading

Chinese New Year 2014 – Belmore Park near Chinatown

Its been almost a year since I first landed on Australian shores in Sydney. Having lived most of my life in India and parts of Europe where most if not all my friends… Continue reading

Spiti Valley : Day 5 – 6: Komic village and Key Monastery

By this time in my mind, the beauty of this wondrous corner of the earth, although well impressed, did not fascinate as much as the exceedingly simple lives led by the Spitian people.… Continue reading

Sydney Festival – Hyde Park

The Sydney festival is a very popular family oriented series of events organised by the New South Wales government from 9th till 26th Jan. Set in various parts of Sydney from CBD to… Continue reading

Spiti Valley: Day 4 – Dhankar Monastery and Demul

I was watching “The secret life of Walter Mitty” tonight and I could not help but retrospect nostalgically about my travels across the globe. I guess wanderlust is a bug that sticks around… Continue reading

Spiti Valley: Day 3 – En-route to Kaza- Oh, the blue skies, like I have never seen before!

We were travelling in a group of four, and the only commonality we shared was our strong individualistic personalities. We basically met through a common friend who introduced us (me and my brother,… Continue reading

Sydney Festival: Paramatta Opening Party

Ever since I came to Sydney, I have become culturally interested in events happening around. Maybe it is because I am genuinely interested in these wonderful social gatherings, or maybe I am just… Continue reading

Spiti Valley: Day 1 and 2- In Agra and En-Route to Spiti Valley

I have been dabbling with photography for quite a bit ever since 2005. Although I had taken several pictures without specific intent, the following set of pictures that I took at Agra &… Continue reading

New Year 2014 – Sydney

Having lived through New Year’s eve in a few countries, I was hoping that Sydney would surprise me in their celebrations. By the way, it is my first New Year’s at Sydney. Although,… Continue reading